Classtrip 6c to Westerland

From  the 29th of September to the 2nd of October the class 6c went on a trip to Westerland with our class teacher Mrs. Sachse and our  teaching assistant  Mrs. Lohse. 

We took the train, which needed two and a half hours to get to Westerland. When we arrived at the train station a bus was waiting for us and took us to the youth hostel DIKJEN DEEL. 

Then we went to our room and made our beds. Next we went to the city by bus. There we went to the beach and found a rusty old gas cylinder there that was washed ashore. Then we got 45 minutes for us. When we went back to DIKJEN DEEL we were allowed to do what we wanted. At the next day we went to a Aquarium there we had to do solve riddles to win a döner and there we were also able to shoot photos and buy some thinks in a shop. Then we went back by bus. On the third day we went to a museum and there were also tasks to do. In the evening we watched a movie and ate some  snacks. Before we went back to our room all had to tell their opinion on the class trip and Mrs. Lohse donated another Fanta. On the last day we cleaned up the rooms and packed our things. Then we went to the station by bus and waited for the train or were allowed to go in the city.

by Dominik Schmolt

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